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As an approved warranty service agent and installer for all the major manufactures I can carry our repairs on all Caravan & Motorhome appliances in line with the terms and conditions of your caravan appliance warranty. If your appliances are out of warranty then I can still carry out repairs for you to the very same high standards. All parts used are Genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts.

Alde Central Heating Systems Servicing The Alde system is a wet radiator system that heats your Caravan or Motorhome by circulating a glycol (Antifreeze) mixture around an enclosed radiator system. This prevents the system from freezing in the winter causing leaks and also contains a rust inhibitor. Most systems are supplied new with a Blue coloured glycol which has a two year life span. After two years this should be replaced so that the system is kept clean and to prevent contamination which can damage the internals of the boiler. This is done by pumping out the old fluid and then flushing out the system with clean water, before pumping in the new Pink Glycol mixture. This is a LONG LIFE five Year mixture, which means that one replaced the system will not require changing again for five years.

Rooflight Repairs. If your rooflight has been damaged or blown off in a storm, I can help. I can supply and install most makes of Caravan & Motorhome rooflights. As a member of the National Caravan Council I am approved for insurance works, if required I can providing insurance quote, or simply calling out and making the damage safe and water tight until insurance approval can be obtained.

If you have water ingress round the rooflight then this needs to be resolved before structural damage occurs to the caravan or Motorhome. Re-sealing of rooflights can only be achieved by removing the rooflight completely and cleaning off all the old sealant and then re-applying new sealant and finally the rooflight. If the rooflight is in good condition then this can be re-used saving the cost of a new rooflight